Individual tailoring of suits using Bespoke & MTM technology in Moscow

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Fully handmade. The patterns are built individually for each client, and all the work is done manually. Such tailoring takes 6-8 weeks. On average, two or three fittings take place during this time, and as a result, you get a costume that can be called unique without false modesty

Made-to-Measure (MTM)

Like Bespoke, MTM is considered an individual tailoring. MTM uses a set of ready-made patterns and master suits in a standard dimensional grid.


The choice, in any case, is yours: regardless of what you prefer, bespoke or MTM, the result will be better than if you buy a suit in the store. And believe me, the difference will be noticed both by you and those around you.


For the manufacture of our costumes, we use the fabrics and accessories of the most famous Italian and English manufacturers - such as Loro Piana, Scabal, Dorméul, Ariston, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Holland and Sherry

The «A23» Club

Our goal is to build long-term, trustful and friendly relations with our clients. Both in the studio itself and beyond. Our loft is a place where you are always welcome to try on a suit, a special event of the A23 club or just as you walk by and come in for a cup of coffee and chat with us. Our clients are our friends, and all of us are The «А23» Family



First category 97 500
Second category 112 500
Third category 129 500
Fourth category 147 500
Fifth category 175 500
First category 114 500
Second category 132 000
Third category 152 000
Fourth category 173 500
Fifth category 206 000
First category 73 125
Second category 84 375
Third category 97 125
Fourth category 110 625
Fifth category 131 625
First category 24 375
Second category 28 125
Third category 32 375
Fourth category 36 875
Fifth category 43 875
Loro Piana 100% Cashmere 150 000
Loro Piana Baby Camel Hair 131 500
Loro Piana Wool & Cashmere 125 000
Loro Piana Merino Wool 120 000
Loro Piana 100% Wool 110 000
Bespoke shirts
Bespoke shirts 18 000

For the manufacture of our costumes, we use fabrics and accessories Italian and English manufacturers

Leave a request and we will contact you for further details
Leave a request and we will contact you for further details